Ari and Dante
10 April 2018

Photography and I went on a search. We search for memories, dreams, relationships, touch and ideals. Our search started two years ago when I came out of the closet and I started to go through strong physical and mental changes that continue until today.

From a photographer that takes reality as it is to one who directs it – I try to incorporate my models, real couples, and their lives into my imagination, my dreams and my personal landscapes and secrets places. Together, with them, I build a new personal memory that attempts to bring closer Guy the child to Guy of today, which also tries to communicate with the wider local Israeli surroundings.

This project was inspired by the book “Ari and Dante discover the secrets of the universe” that tells the story of a romance between two gay teens that escapes the regular days reality off to the desert on the edge of the city. They escape to discover them self, their relationship and their meaning – the secrets of the universe.

gay couple in a lake

gay couple on the road


gay couple next to The Fire

gay couple with a kite

gay couple with a sabar

lesbian couple at The Orange Grove

lesbian couple at The Park

lesian couple with The Pigeons

gay couple on a sofa